In-Building Solutions

Esskay Telecom is pioneer in providing turnkey in-building coverage enhancement solutions to all leading mobile network operators. Esskay Telecom offers a practical approach to design, install & optimize in-building solutions.


Esskay Telecom has ability to deliver complex end to end in-building design solutions for large or medium public venues & buildings such as airports, stadiums, underground metros and shopping malls for multi-operator, multi-band and divergent systems using advanced equipment and devices.


  • Site Survey
  • Noise Floor Analysis
  • Spectrum (Interference) Analysis
  • DAS Design
  • RF Propagation
  • Link Budget
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Hardware Integration
  • DL and UL path balance
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Handovers (Macro, DAS)
  • Acceptance Walk

Esskay Telecom offers in-building network design and implementation solutions to help clients improve their indoor coverage and overall customer satisfaction. We also provide services to design venues such as stadiums, conference halls and high traffic events using Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and repeaters on a turnkey basis.